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Cacao De Davao Gift Box A



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Product Description

A box full of the complete set of delicious premium

Cacao De Davao Products:

100% Unswtnd Choco Callets (140g)
100% Unswtnd Choco Callets (100g)
100% Premium Tablea (165g)
Roasted Cacao Nibs (150g)
100% Unswtnd Cocoa Powder (150g)
70% Dark Choco w/ Coco Sugar (100g)
50% Milk Choco w/ Cacao Nibs (100g)
70% Dark Choco Mini (100g)
70% Dark Choco Mango w/ Coco Sugar (100g)
70% Dark Choco Coffee w/ Coco Sugar (100g)
70% Dark Choco Calamansi w/ Coco Sugar (100g)
70% Dark Choco White Choco
70% Green Tea Matcha
Durian Filled Dark Choco (100g)
Pure Cocoa Butter (15g)
Fudgy Tableya Brownie (small)
Bottle Callects
Battle Nibs

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