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Delivery Policies

Our Service
Upon your purchase, Kalidades will deliver the flower arrangements to the recipient.  Service fulfillment will be carried out by our pool of delivery service vehicles. However, to qualify for the purchase, the customer must agree to the following terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions of Delivery

1. The purchaser must agree that the delivery details and address provided as point of delivery and billing is truthful and correct. The customer should provide as much information as possible to facilitate delivery (e.g. landmarks, gate number, gate color- (under delivery instructions), telephone number of the recipient, other contact numbers;

2. No Refunds shall be granted on the following situations:
*Recipients refusal of flowers & gifts ordered by client
*unsuccessful delivery due to incomplete or incorrect address & recipient name
*rescheduled deliveries due to force majeure or conditions beyond our control

3. In the event that the delivery address given by the customer is incorrect/incomplete, it is purely voluntary that kalidades will contact client to correct any error in delivery details encoded by the client but is under no lawful obligation to do so. This is not considered as a procedural step. If client does not respond, last option is to contact the recipient for advise on the correct delivery address.

4. For unsuccessful 1st attempt of delivery, flowers will be brought back to the shop and our staff will try its best to contact recipient for item be picked up.

5. Kalidades will deliver 48 hrs after order placement to allow time for order processing.

6. We are committed to deliver on the day requested but are not committed to deliver on any specific hour within that day. However, should a specified time be requested, Kalidades will do its best to meet the requested time.
Delivery time for non peak days is between 10am-6pm.

Upon ordering and placing a desired delivery date, the sender will receive an e-mail confirmation that the order has been processed.  If for any reason, we cannot meet the desired delivery date, client will be informed through email.  Before ordering, we advise all clients to please refer to the Delivery Days calendar to find a suitable date of delivery.

8. Kalidades reserves the right to reschedule deliveries without prior notice for reasons of force majeure or conditions beyond its control;

Our Substitution Policy

1. If our shop is out of a particular container or decorative element, eg. glass vase or accessory, Kalidades has the option to substitute similar element of equal or greater value;
2. If the specified color of rose is not available, Kalidades will substitute with whatever is available which is nearest to the desired color with equal or greater value;

3. Our arrangers will use only the freshest flowers, If the specified flower is not available due to seasonal/regional inavailability, kalidades has the option to substitute the flower with another variety of equal or greater which will give the same impact for the arrangement.

Delivery Schedule Guide

1. Orders that fall on a Holiday will be delivered the next working day.

2. We have no deliveries  on the following holidays:
– Holy Thursday up to Easter Sunday

– Dec. 24 & 25 (Christmas Day)

– Jan. 31 & 1 (New Year’s Day)

– Feb. 15 (restday from valentines day)

4. We only deliver up to the following locations:

Talisay City
Naga City
San Fernando

Cebu City
Mandaue City
Lapu-lapu City

Danao City




Harana Service Disclaimer

  1. Flowers and Harana Service is considered delivered if due to the absence of the receiver within 30 mins- 1 Hour.
  2. It is not be possible to request a sudden change of date since we need to prepare all of this in advanced, That is why we recommend you to book this Service 5 Days before the delivery.
  3. Any requests made less than 5 days is pending approval or subject to approval, if no response is received from our staff that means request is declined.
  4. Booking change of date should be done 3 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) before the delivery date, or we will consider this as final and we will not grant a refund.
  5.  We will try our best to play 3 of your top 5 songs, however Kalidades Harana reserves the right to change songs to one that is of the same genre to what you have chosen in the instance that our Haranista may not be familiar with your choices.


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